Review/Interview Policies

General Information

I am currently NOT accepting books for review.

You can contact me at

When I am accepting books for review, I will accept any type of YA related fiction, however I will not be reviewing any non-fiction books. I prefer either paperback or hardcover copies, but I do accept E-books, however those take longer for me to review. 

First check out and see if your book is already on my TBR List

Review Structure

I try to review every young adult book I read. In addition to here, I will also be posting my reviews on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Goodreads. 

I will write a fair and honest review. These reviews are intended to reflect my opinion, but with that said, I will not unnecessarily criticize an author either. I give my opinion on what I thought did or didn't work for me.  

All of my Reviews include: 

  • A rating out of fifty
  • Book Cover and Author
  • A book summary, usually taken from Goodreads
  • A non-spoiler review and an in-depth review

Rating System: 

All books will start with a score of fifty and up to five points will be added for each of the following categories:

  • Cover Design
  • Writing Style
  • Plot Development 
  • Character Relationships
  • Character Development 
  • Likability of Protagonist 
  • Necessity of Minor Characters
  • Setting Description
  • Interesting Storyline
  • Predictability
The lowest score a book can receive is a 50 and the highest score is a 100 

Author Interviews: 

If you're an author and would like to be interviewed for this blog, contact me at the email given above. The interview will consist of 10- 15 questions and will be promoted on other social networking sites as well. 

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