Words With An Author

Hello Fantabulous Readers!

I've had the privilege to interview some wonderfully talented authors, you can check out all of them below! You can click on their picture which will take you right to their interview. 

Carrie Lofty 

Author of Blue Notes

Meredith Mawr 

Author of the Summoner Series

Rajdeep Paulus

Author of Swimming Through Clouds and Seeing Through Stones

S. Elle Cameron 

Author of A Tragic Heart

Ted Galdi

 Author of Elixir

Jesse Frankel 

Author of Catnip

Sarena and Sasha Nanua

Authors of the Pendant Trilogy

Tyler Lazar

Author of The Last Glass

H.S. Stone

Author of Beyond New Eden

Iain Reading

Author of the Kitty Hawk Series

Laxmi Hariharan

Kim Cormack 

Author of the Children of Ankh Series

K.P. Gazelle

Author of The Color of Happiness

Shelby Morrison

Author of From the Ashes

Lindsay Marie Miller

Author of Emerald Green and Me & Mr. Jones

Cassie Clarke

Author of The Black Jewel

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