Tuesday, September 2, 2014

If I Stay | Movie Reaction

Warning: This movie will shatter your heart. Bring tissues and a bucket for your tears. 

Spoiler-Filled Review

This movie was so well made. It was such a faithful adaptation to the book.

The casting was perfect. Adam, Kim, the parents, Teddy, Mia, everyone worked so well together and it really made the film more believable. At first, I admit, I wasn't sure how I felt. The acting seemed a bit forced but as the movie continued, the characters became more and more real. 

The situation itself is so real. It's so easy to put yourself in her shoes and think about your own family dying. It's one of the reasons this movie is as tearjerking as it is. 

Within the book, there are flashbacks interspersed throughout. Memories of her family, memories with Adam, and a key part to this movie was getting those right. If done poorly, the movie will appear choppy and poorly edited, however they were placed perfectly. It flowed back and forth so smoothly, sometimes I didn't even notice the difference. 

There were two main parts of the movie that really broke me. 
1. When Teddy (the brother) died. Although I am an only child and I can't truly feel what's it would be like to lose a sibling, this part of the movie really brought me to tears, again showcasing the talent of the acting. 
2. The scene when Gramps was sitting by Mia's bed and told her that although he wanted her to stay, if she decided to go he would be ok with it. The tears and the atmosphere just hit me and I cried some more. 

If there was anything about this movie that I didn't like. it was at the end during Adam's speech. In the book, he goes on to say how if she decided to leave him and go to Juillard to start over he would be ok with it as long as she stayed, which leads into the second book. However, he didn't say that in the movie, which brings into question whether there will be a second movie? As much as I liked where this one left off, I kind of want another movie. I didn't really enjoy the second book, but as a movie I think it could be interesting if done right. 

How many buckets of tears did you guys take home from this movie? Do you think there will be a second movie? Let me know in the comments!