Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Tooth-Fairy Trap | Rachelle Burk

Bluma is a young tooth fairy who is allergic to her own fairy dust. She faces many problems during this night of tooth collecting, but her biggest challenge is Bradley's fairy trap. Bluma can succeed in collecting his tooth only with the help of the boy's grouchy hamster, and a few things she has collected through the night.

For the longest time I've been stuck inside my YA bubble, but recently I've been branching out to the nonfiction side of the world and even more recently I agreed to review a middle grade chapter book. Imagine taking the character development, plot, setting, conflict, etc. of an average YA book of about 300 pages and condensing it to less than a 100 pages, that's essentially what a children's book does, and I think that Rachelle Burke did a fantastic job of doing so.

I honestly think that this book served as a really good children's book. Not only does it take into account each element, but it encompasses a simple, yet entertaining storyline for children to follow. As a really cute story, this is definitely something I'd read as a nighttime story to my future kids or as a beginner book for a learning reader. 

I do wonder whether this book is a series, since I could definitely see Bluma having more adventures as a tooth-fairy.