Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Random Thought: College Applications

The time is approaching. As I write essay after essay and press the submit button, my future gets closer and closer and I can feel the panic building up inside of me. I doubt myself. Everyone else just seems to out-qualify me. My accomplishments no longer matter, rather it's everything I'm missing that's staring me right in the face making me wish I could redo high school.

Conversation about colleges are something that have become part of my daily routine. Questions like "where do you want to go" and "have you applied yet" perpetuate the conversation eventually leading to me admitting my fear of rejection, usually brushed off with an "of course you'll get in!" and a wave of the hand. I had already made the mistake of believing the public, and build up confidence (a little too much) only to be knocked down a couple months later.

Going into college applications, I don't believe I'll get into all of my colleges. I hope. I pray. But I don't know.