Sunday, October 4, 2015

The College Diaries | The Time I Turned Eighteen

Hey guys, so it's been quite a while since I've been able to post and let me just say that college has been a bit rough. There's always something to do and somewhere to be so it's really hard to sit down to write a post and review books. I'll talk a bit more about this struggle in another post (hopefully).

So last weekend it was my eighteenth birthday and it was a bit hard on me. First of all, I'm officially an adult now so there's that aspect that my childhood is now officially over. Secondly, this was my first birthday away from home.

As a child it was tradition for my parents to come into my room every morning to wake me up with a surprise: usually a birthday cake and/or a present. But of course that probably wasn't going to happen this time.

The night before my birthday our school hosted a fall concert with some small-town performers which I went to with a couple of friends. Afterwards, some of them wanted to go to a party, and I almost spent my birthday night at a college party. Thankfully one of my other friends came in and distracted me long enough to stop me. Apparently they had set up a scavenger hunt that led me to a small party with some close friends and food. One of my close friends had even made a video from all my old pictures and birthday messages from friends and family back home. Basically there was a lot of crying and happiness. While I did miss my family at home a lot, I'm so glad I have such great friends already at college.

If I have advice about anything in college, it's to find a good group of friends. People you don't have to fake around or be constantly social around. For someone like me, making friends is not easy so having a small, but close group of friends is nice. That's all for today, those were my birthday adventures, hopefully I'll see you guys soon in another post.