Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Talks | Dating Non-Readers

Today's post centers around dating non-readers, people who don't enjoy the same hobby we love. While I understand those who are unable to date others who don't share the same interests, I don't think that it would bother me so much if my significant other didn't enjoy the literary world as much as I did. Typically, I don't broadcast the fact that I'm a "reader" so much to people when I meet them (unless of course I'm at a book-related event), more times than not I've been made fun of for reading and I like staying away from those reactions. However, when I do date someone, they typically know me well enough to know my love for reading and as long as they don't directly hinder my reading and my blog, I don't particularly care.

They have to accept the fact that I love to read, even if they don't appreciate the same activity. I don't want to hear comments like "Ugh when are you going to start reading real books" or "Are you still reading dumb fiction." All it does is make me want to burrow more into my world of books. It doesn't do anything for him, and it especially doesn't entice me to put down my book to hang out with him.

Honestly, the only thing someone needs in order to understand my love for books is some sort of passion. Whether it be photography, beading, drawing, etc. if you can love something for the sake of nothing else but doing it, you can understand my passion. In fact, just the other day I was talking to a guy who does competitive ballroom dancing. Let me give you a little background, I am in no way a dancer, in fact I can barely walk straight, but he talked about dancing like I talk about reading, and I immediately understood how he felt. He ended his anecdote with "Well that's my world, how about you?" And instantly I just talked about literature and my blog, something I don't typically disclose to people moments after meeting them.

I know I went a bit tangent from my original point, but essentially I don't mind dating someone who doesn't like reading as long as they can understand my passion for it without insulting it, though of course if they did like reading it would just be a plus on their side.

What about you guys? Would you date a non-reader? Let me know in the comments below!