Friday, September 13, 2013

Origin | Jennifer Armentrout

First thing first: the cover. I'm a teenage I didn't exactly mind the shirtless guy on the cover. But the cover was definitely overdramatized. "He'll burn the world to save her." It makes it sound like Kat is a weak damsel in distress like Bella. She's not. At all. It also just makes it seem like the entire book is revolving around him saving her, when really he gets to her in the middle of the book.

I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed with this book, but that's only because the first two books were mostly the brewing romance between Katy and Daemon, while at this point the real plot is beginning to thicken. And in fact it's this plot that brought the book back to the high standards I had. The entire system the DOD had of testing the human DNA with the Luxen DNA in order to create a near perfect society is just intriguing, very much sparking the science geek inside me. Then there was the whole revealing of the Luxen species to the human population. Thankfully though, the cliffhanger wasn't as bad as it was in Opal.

Now for the characters...I absolutely love Kat, which is really strange considering I usually don't like the female characters of novels. But Kat is strong, she's independent, she absolutely refuses Daemon to treat her like a princess, she's a fellow book nerd. And through all of this she's stayed so strong except for one night, which is completely understandable. She's also grown so much throughout the books, she's learning from everything that happens to her. But unlike her, Beth is completely weak, at least that's how it seems to me. She constantly needs Dawson by her side, reassuring her which I guess is fine, considering all she's gone through and whatever but I still love the character of Kat. Now Daemon...I love him too. I've loved him from the beginning. He is arrogant and a complete jerk and (call me crazy) this just makes me love him even more. Especially now that we get a little look into his brain we know he's not a complete jerk, he's ridiculously arrogant but has a soft mushy center. Finally the person I pitied the most was Kat's mom. I know she's barely mentioned in the book, but I can't help but think "How is she getting through all of this?" I know my mom would completely freak if I disappeared one day. But to have your husband die of cancer and they a few years later have your only daughter disappear, that's gotta be rough. I'm really hoping that in Opposition, Kat and her mom have a happy reunion, otherwise it would be kind of upsetting.

I can't believe I have to wait a whole other year for the next one to come out...