Friday, September 6, 2013

Obsidian and Onyx | Jennifer Armentrout

Let’s be real, any cover with an extremely hot guy is bound to hook any teenage girl. When the book begins with him being shirtless on his front porch, we’re bound to continue reading. I thought both of these books, Obsidian and Onyx were pretty good, and by pretty good I mean I couldn’t put them down until like 4 in the morning. 
The first one begins with Katy, a seventeen year old book blogger, moving in next door to the Blacks (Daemon and Dee). Upon first impression, Daemon is the douchebag overprotective older brother while Dee is the enthusiastic little sister. Around them Katy notices strange things happening (time stopping, being underwater for over 10 minutes, random storms, your usual run of the mill). Of course she finds out they’re not humans, they’re aliens. But not the typical green blobs we find in movies, they can move and bend light. Of course, no one can know about them, they have enemies, a lot of them. First you have the Arum who just want their powers, then you have the DOD (Department of Defense) a part of the government that wants to discover more about these aliens and finally there’s the general population who just don’t like change. 
Of course there’s also something about the increasing sexual tension between Daemon and Katy. They are constantly fighting, arguing, but we all know they should be together. Daemon's a jerk, Katy fights back. It's not the most typical relationship and I absolutely love it. In other words I ship them. 
I think the only probably with this book was how close it resembled Twilight. I’m not a huge Twilight fan, in fact I’m not really a fan at all. Anyways, here’s just a list of them. 
1. First there’s the obvious one of the last name. Daemon Black vs. Jacob Black…probably just a coincidence since Sirius from Harry Potter also shared the last name.
2. The whole concept of ‘you shouldn’t be friends with me but I’m gonna keep talking to you’ The male, some strange nonhuman creature, will take the female, typically a human, into a wooded area, basically forcing them to “talk a walk” with them. In the woods, they then proceed to tell the female that she shouldn’t be there with him…what kind of logic is that? And I thought females were complicated. 
3. The lack of shirts. For some reason, hot guys in books don’t seem to own shirts…not that I have a problem with it…
I do recommend this book for mainly girls who enjoy fangirling, like moi.