Friday, September 6, 2013

Opal | Jennifer Armentrout

So just read this book…I have such conflicting emotions I’m not even sure how to react. 
First there’s the cover. To be honest, the cover doesn’t do justice to any part of the book. It shows the girl (presumably Katy) leaning against or holding onto the male (presumably Daemon) as though she is heavily dependent on him, which she is obviously not. 
Then the actual book. I have to admit, my expectations for this book for really really high. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I have to admit I didn’t like the fact that Katy and Daemon got together. I think their entire love-hate relationship is what made them so atypical to the normal couple (of course besides the whole alien thing). This book wasn’t as action-packed nor was it full or romance. It was lacking a certain quality. 
Now moving to the characters. Can we all just agree that Katy needs to get a lock for her door? First Daemon continually walks into her house, I guess that’s acceptable since he’s her boyfriend and all. But Carissa, Will and Blake are just mad creepy. Especially Blake. I think it’s accepted that if a you like a girl the best way to get her NOT to date you is to climb into her bed and sleep with her in the middle of the night. 
AND THE ENDING OMG. I think I would have imploded if I didn’t have Origin (the fourth book) right next to me. Thankfully I did. So I’ll be reviewing that soon.