Friday, April 24, 2015

Free For All Friday | Weird/Funny Situations I've Been In

Hello everyone and welcome to another (on time) post of Free For All Friday!

Today I want to talk about some weird and funny situations I've been lucky to witness.

1. Elevator Woman

Once my friend and I were standing in an elevator, waiting for the doors to close. As they begin closing, a fairly rotund women hurries into the elevator and before the doors can detect her presence, they close on her, before quickly reopening. As a middle-aged Southern woman, rather than cursing in pain, she let out an "Oh my! That's gonna bruise." while rubbing her sides. By this point I was faking some vigorous coughing to cover my laughter.

2. Sprite Torpedo

Speedbumps are a pain. Unless someone is acting like an unprecedented fountain. As we pull away from the parking lot, all of us anticipate the large speed bump. All except one, who, instead, takes a large swig of Sprite. Knowing this couldn't end well, I dive into the seat across from me just has the fountain of Sprite erupts from him, spraying everything within a three foot radius of him.

3. Dumb Students

Sometimes you have to talk to a professor. It's not a big deal, you go to their office, talk to them and leave. But of course things can't be that simple for me. My friend and I go to a professor's office, find that he's not there and wait somewhere down the hall. We situate ourselves in front of a door, the door that, we later find out, he uses to come in. He sees us, says hi and continues onwards to his office. Us, too confused to do anything, just say hi and get back to our work. A few minutes later he comes out and says that someone told him that two girls came looking for him and if we needed to talk to him. Mortified, I made up some excuse how we were just finishing our math homework and would come as soon as we finished the problem.

There are so many more, and I'll probably do a part 2 to this post, but these are just some funny stories I have, though they were much funnier when they happened. Do you guys have any funny stories? Share them in the comments below!