Friday, July 31, 2015

Free For All Friday | Cancun Vacation

So over the past week my family and I were on vacation to Cancún, Mexico (which is why I missed a Tuesday Talks post) and I wanted to share my trip with you guys.

Day 1: Flying 

The original plan was to leave at about 4 am and reach Mexico at about 2 pm, but of course things rarely go to plan.

We had a connecting flight from our hometown to North Carolina where we met up with some of our friends. From there we were supposed to have a flight to Mexico. Our original flight got delayed an hour but finally we were able to board. Coincidentally, as soon as we had finished boarding lightning and thunder started and a combination of weather of "air maintenance" problems cancelled the flight and evacuated the passengers.

Almost instantly complete chaos broke loose. There is nothing scarier than watching at least one hundred Americans be detained from their hard earned vacations. There was yelling and cursing and general mayhem. Finally after arguing and negotiating, the airlines booked us on a flight the next day and gave us a hotel for the night.

Day 2: More flying 

So finally we got on the plane and fly to Mexico with, thankfully, no detours. Once we finally make it to our resort I ditch my parents and run to the all-inclusive restaurant, do I really need to explain myself. After waiting the required thirty minutes we changed into our bathing suits, went into the pool and played a bit of beach volleyball (which is a sport I'm fairly bad at). The night ended after another all-inclusive dinner buffet and we went to bed tired but excited.

Day 3: Tulum Ruins 

On the next hot, humid, Mexican day we went to the Tulum ruins. Tulum is a Mayan site, where the Mayan people lived for a while. We toured the area which consisted of lots of stone structures and very little shade.

Day 4: Adrenaline Rush 

This day was probably the best one of the whole trip. After eating breakfast, we left fairly early in the morning to travel to a camp site full of adrenaline filled activities. The first thing we did was ziplining, which consists of being harnessed to a wire line and sliding from one station to another. We were at least five hundred feet or more off the ground. Next we went snorkling in a cave. I am extremely scared of water and putting my head under the water, so there was more fear than excitement for this activity. But thankfully I used that fear to fuel me and was able to swim in a dark cave with my head underwater (though it did help that we had life jackets). Finally we drove ATVs to another location where we ziplined over a sinkhole of water and jumped in. This was by far the scariest activity but I think I did it at least four or five times. While being shoved underwater was not a pleasant experience, the adrenaline of falling was too much to resist. Once we finished our day of exhilaration, we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and retired to our beds, exhausted and content.

Day 5: Relax

After an exciting day, we decided to spend our last day at the resort unwinding and making use of the resort's facilities. We spent the day drinking virgin drinks from the open bar and swimming around in the pool. Unfortunately we didn't get to go on the beach as much as we wanted because of the massive amounts of seaweed on the beach. The end of the day signaled the end of the trip.

Day 6: Flying home 

Thankfully on the way home, we had no unexpected delays and we reached home and two am and fell asleep, looking back on the fantastic memories we made.

Have you guys done anything fun this summer? Comment below! I want to hear all about it!