Friday, May 9, 2014

Blue Notes | Carrie Lofty

A piano prodigy on a scholarship to a prestigious New Orleans university, Keeley Chambers is finally striking out on her own after a roving life dictated by her criminal parents. Her soulful, brilliant, fiery improvisations tear through her like a storm but are played for an audience of one: herself. However, sinfully handsome Jude Villars refuses to abandon Keeley to her private world and calls her out on her fear of performing in public. The irreverent, seductive billionaire awakens Keeley to the blissful pleasures of letting go as he tempts her into the spotlight of the city's hottest clubs. Yet Jude has secrets of his own and pain that no one by Keeley recognizes. Will revealing themselves as they really are be too great a risk? Or will the truth make their tumultuous connection hotter and more irresistible than ever? 

Non-Spoiler Review

Honestly going into this book I wasn't sure what to expect. In a bookstore or library, this cover would have turned me off completely, since I typically dislike romantic covers. However this is one of those books that shouldn't be judged by its cover. This was an intense read, switching between incredibly hot and incredibly frightening. I have to admit, I didn't expect that many sex scenes, and it threw me off a bit that a large chunk of the novel was so graphic. Each character came with his/her own baggage and their backstories were really interesting. Overall, although this book wasn't what I expected, the story was interesting. But I would recommend it to older readers since much of the content is quite graphic. 

Spoiler- Filled Review

One thing that I really wasn't expecting from this book was the frightening intensity behind Keeley's backstory. From the prologue we learn that Keeley's father had killed her mother, and that in itself is intense. Then we learn that as a child, she was constantly on the road, forced to con people for food, money, cars, whatever they needed. All in all Keeley has had a tough life, and it was really interesting to see her recount after six years. Although I wish her background had caused more problems with Jude. She gives off the impression of being incredibly prudent and cautious with her every action, so for her to leave with some guy she's met barely three times didn't fit with her personality. 
I started off really being able to connect with Keeley since she was so nerdy and standoffish, but as the book went on, I felt like I couldn't really connect with her as much, which almost made me dislike her. 

Within every book, I usually always seem to find at least one character who's practically perfect. From Blue Notes it was Janissa. She was so realistic and I saw so much of myself in her. Being a science geek myself, both Janissa and I have so many of the same views, and I completely approve her buy of the periodic table quilt (which I'm still fangirling over). She was such a strong side character and my favorite of this book. 

Now, let's talk about Jude. Honestly, I still don't know how I feel about him. He was so bipolar, going from business to casual in a flash. Of course, I thought he was hot, but as a person I just wasn't too fond of him. I appreciate his backstory and all his struggles, but as a boyfriend or lover, he just seemed way too flaky.

Again I want to emphasize the amount of graphic intimate moments between Jude and Keeley. I made the mistake of reading this book at school, where some of my friends grabbed my book and flipped to a random page to read out loud. Of course with my luck, it was the most graphic sex scene in the book. So yeah... that happened. 

Overall I really liked the book! I can't wait to find out what else Carrie Lofty writes! Personally I think a companion novel with Janissa's story would be awesome! 

*This book was provided by the author to read and review. This is a 100% honest review.*