Saturday, May 31, 2014

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon | J. T. Jackson

At first glance, Luna Stone seems to have a normal nineteen year old girl’s life. She goes to college, studying for psychology. Works at a coffeehouse. But Luna’s life is far from normal. In addition to her coffeehouse job, she also works nights at a strip club. Dancing and waitressing to keep up with her mother’s hospital bills. More recently, a old friend of Luna’s decides to pop up and beg for forgiveness. And to top it all off, her teacher recently offered her a internship at a law firm. Which is a opportunity she could not pass up.

Twelve weeks, personal assistant, no pay, but a good recommendation. Seemed easy enough. But what Luna didn’t know was the job wasn’t going to be the hard part. The hard part wasn’t even her new over-achieving, young, polar opposite boss Mr. Ian Hanson. The hard part, was not falling in love with him.

In the first book of the Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon Trilogy, we meet Luna at a time in her life when her world gets turned upside down and seems to be falling apart. But it isn't her world she's worried about breaking, it’s her heart.

Non-Spoiler Review

This book started off really well. I enjoyed the characters. I enjoyed the storyline, but the story seemed to progress very slowly. I really think this should have been a stand-alone novel not only because I'm tired of series, but also because I'd rather have one big book that's intense and awesome rather than several books that aren't as plot-driven. The characters were well-written. They were realistic and easily relatable. I especially loved Luna's backstory and her personality. 

One thing I was really frustrated by was Ian and Luna's relationship. It was extremely wishy-washy. I've read so many books where there's a constantly fluctuating relationship and I'm honestly so tired of them. Luna kept jumping back and forth between some of the male characters even though it was obvious all along she loved Ian. 

I think that the overall premise of the book was interesting, but for me the plot was a bit dull. Save for a couple of grammar errors, the book was well written. I'm really hoping the next books in the series picks up and becomes a little more exciting, but I'm still excited to read it! 

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light and fairly fluffy read. There are some darker themes to it, but it's not too emotionally draining. It's a pretty quick read. I finished it in a couple of hours. If this book sounds interesting to you, you should definitely pick it up! 

*This book was provided by the author to read and review. This is a 100% honest review.*