Friday, June 5, 2015

Free For All Friday | Bored

I am so bored. It's been about three weeks since finals and graduation, and I have nothing to do. I still have volunteering and work every couple of days, but without the constant flurry of homework, tests and quizzes my life feels empty.

My internal clock wakes up by eight am, not even giving me the luxury to sleep in. A cycle of eating, reading and Netflixing continues throughout the day until I hit the point where I'm bored of doing even those. And while I am mildly active (running/fast-walking on my treadmill everyday/ every couple of days), the Saloni-shaped crater in my bed cares to disagree.

This boredom has brought with it it's twin side-kicks: tiredness and laziness. I'm too tired and too lazy to do anything productive (laundry, chores, reading, etc.), but not doing anything productive bores me, which makes me tired and lazy. It's a monstrous cycle. In fact, even though it's only 10 PM, I think I'll stop this post here and go to bed.