Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Talks | Book Buying Bans

Welcome to another Tuesday Talks, a Goodreads group started by Janie and Janelle where we discuss book-related topics every Tuesday.

Today's topic is Book Buying Bans. There are several reasons why one might go on a book buying ban. They can be against a specific series, author or genre or they might be for practicality purposes like saving space and money.

I'm not completely against book buying bans, especially not ones used for practicality purposes, but I am a little iffy on those against particular authors and genres. I'm not necessarily sure in what scenario one would completely ban a specific author, but I would think it would be in a situation where the author has done or said something to give them a bad rep.

In general I try to keep the author and the story separate. Even if I don't love the author, I wouldn't band his/her books because of it. Especially if the books are thought to be very good.

However a book buying ban on a practicality basis I completely understand. While I don't officially declare book buying bans, I typically span out when I buy myself books. For example, I'll allow myself buy new releases and books on special occasions like birthdays and graduation. But I'm fairly stringent on spending otherwise. Not only that but recently I've found that my bookshelves are very full these days, especially after BEA so I need to restrict my purchases further.

Do you guys go on book buying bans? To save money, space or just because you don't like an author? Let me know in the comments below!