Monday, June 8, 2015

From the Ashes | Shelby Morrison

For eighteen years Aia Wynnald has lived a lie. Raised as a highborn in the Kingdom of Tharien, she’s filled her days with tutors and archery lessons. But simmering beneath her polite surface is a dangerous gift, one which she must keep a secret. Aia is a Bender. And in Tharien, Benders are feared and hunted.

When her unruly power breaks free with dire repercussions, Aia’s lifelong goal of independence shatters. As she scrambles to piece her life back together while evading capture, she disturbs a vengeful force intent on destroying the kingdom.

Now, with the help of an unlikely ally, Aia will decide the fate of Tharien. To rescue those she cares about will require accepting what she is. But can she risk becoming the monster she’s dreaded to save the very citizens baying for her blood?

While I don't usually read fantasy, the few reviews I heard about this book had me hooked. As the first book in a dystology, From the Ashes is a fantastic beginning to Aia's adventurous journey. From the first page we jump right into the action, and from there the storyline, characters and plot just grows. We begin to know Cole, Aia and Illcina, along with all the minor characters and we fall in love with all of them. Even Illcina, a seemingly evil character.

While I'm not going to discuss any specifics regarding the plot and characters, I definitely hope for more of the love triangle that's planning to ensue. I honestly can't wait for the next couple of books. If you haven't picked up this book yet, I definitely recommend it! 

I even got the opportunity to interview Shelby Morrison, you can check it out here.