Friday, June 26, 2015

Free For All Friday | High School Graduation

Unfortunately this week I was unable to post a Tuesday Talks because of an important milestone called graduation. This Tuesday I graduated from high school and I have to say, it's a very bittersweet experience. 

First there's the actual ceremony, which is usually fairly tedious. The graduates walk into the auditorium/gym to the beat of the famous graduation song, and then we all sit down. A long line of speakers typically follows. These individuals are usually the valedictorian, salutatorian, superintendent, principal, etc. Then is the arduous process of calling each individual person up and handing them their diploma. Overall, it's nothing spectacular, but it's an emotional time for parents and students alike. 

Afterwards is usually when the emotions hit their peak. We've turned our tassels and thrown our caps,  officially becoming college freshman and high school alumni. Weaving in and out of the gaggle of people, we try to find our friends and family, those that have supported us. We take pictures with our fellow classmates and it's then that we realize how finite high school is. We realize that our four years together are coming to a close. And while we're excited about our futures, there are clouds of nostalgia just threatening to creep in.  

I know I'll see my friends again, so it wasn't really a goodbye. But it's still something I think is worth sharing.